Study of Quality Assurance in Examination Conduction and Administrative Effectiveness of Principals in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Niger State, Nigeria

  • Abossede Ayobola Igunnu Department of Foundations School of Education FCE Zaria Nigeria
Keywords: Quality Assurance, Examination Conduction, Administrative, Effectiveness


The research was on a study of Quality Assurance in Examination Conduction and Administrative Effectiveness of Principals in Public and Private Secondary Schools in Niger State, Nigeria. To successfully accomplish the aim of the study, two research questions and hypotheses were raised and the descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The study utilized a population of twenty eight thousand, nine hundred and thirty eight (28,938) principals and teachers in all the public and private schools in Niger state, Nigeria. Simple random sampling technique was used to select principals and 731 teachers who were used to study the principals. Data was collected using ‘Measures of Quality Assurance and Administrative Effectiveness (MQAAEQ)’, which was validated by experts in the subject area. The instrument was pilot tested with 43 principals using inter-rater reliability and the coefficient which was found to be 0.76 – 0.89. Data collected were analysed using mean and Standard Deviation, one-sample t-test and One-way ANOVA) Also, the Fisher’s Least Significance Difference Test (LSD) was employed to determine the direction of mean differences. Findings revealed that there is a statistical significant influence of standard in examination conduct and adherence of students’ admission goals in terms of effective teaching, effective principal teachers’ relationship and effective supervision of instruction. It was recommended among others that the government should support principals to adhere to standard in examination conduct by availability and adequacy of facilities to enhance quality in examination conduct.


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