Security Sector Reform SSR: an Approach for Sustainable Peace and Restore Security in Transitional-Democratizing Sudan


  • Elnazeer Shaaeldin Assistant professor, Centre for Research and African Studies, International University of Africa Sudan



Political Reform, Security, Peace, Civil Society, Democracy


The center of this paper is to tackle the challenges of Security Sector Reform SSR in transitional Sudan  followed a thriving popular uprising evicted authoritarian - corrupted regime of the National Congress Party NCP had often led by former president Omer Al-B?shir in April 2019. In fact  supremacy of military on Sudan’s politics, expansion of array paramilitaries, milimilit, pro-regime etheth groups, sever corruption and ambiguous peapep all of these complicatig restore security, defect democratization and SSR agenda in the country. There There, this ppape argues that political - structural reform, end corruption and revive economy's processes and objects will probably lessen these formidable difficulties . The main objectives of this paper are to clarify how development of array paramilitaries along the country, economic deterioration continue impeding SSR agenda and democratization in sudan , demonstrate the role of the formulation of the new national  and foreign policies objectives in supporting  application of SSR  program, and illustrate how political - structural reform bases bonds civilian - democratized form will downsize domination of military in security sector and politics of Sudan. Uses analytical - inductive technique of  Sudan politics, security sector challenges and democratic reform processes, the paper shows that in transition  Sudan , SSR, is a complicated process , combines  purely  political reform targeting governance, Civil societies and institutions reforms. Efforts should be exerted  by international actors in supporting transitional government likely facilitate addressing issues of ending peace and economic recovery  could robust a path forward to democracy, stability and security. This paper shall probably be able to close the visible academic gap, by expanding debate and deepening understanding on governance, institutions reforms and functioning of SSR agenda in transition, democratizing Sudan. 



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Shaaeldin, E. (2022). Security Sector Reform SSR: an Approach for Sustainable Peace and Restore Security in Transitional-Democratizing Sudan. International Journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities (IJRSS) ISSN:2582-6220, DOI: 10.47505/IJRSS, 3(12), 1–7.