Post Office Service Innovation: Responding to Competitive Challenges


  • Zainur Rozikin University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia
  • Suatmo Pantja Putra University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia



Competitive Challenges, Post Office Service Innovation, Innovation, Service


This research aims to describe post office service innovation in Indonesia and analyze the factors that influence post office service innovation in Indonesia. Qualitative descriptive analysis technique, where the data that has been collected after analysis is then concluded and the research carried out seeks to describe, explain, and describe the efforts made by PT. Pos Indonesia is facing competition. PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) continues to innovate in providing logistics and financial services that are responsive to technological developments and market demands. In facing the industrial revolution 4.0 and millennial preferences for technology, PT Pos Indonesia has launched various service innovations, including Contact Center Oranger, Magenpos, Agenpos B2B, Financial Services, and Air Retail Cargo. Despite significant innovation, information regarding products and services still requires improvement within the post office to provide a better understanding to customers. Therefore, further efforts are needed to provide more detailed education and information at service locations. With these innovative steps, PT Pos Indonesia shows its commitment to remaining relevant in the digital era, providing more efficient services, and meeting consumer needs. Continuous innovation efforts and increasing information to customers are the keys to PT Pos Indonesia's success in facing competitive challenges in the logistics and financial industries.


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Zainur Rozikin, & Suatmo Pantja Putra. (2024). Post Office Service Innovation: Responding to Competitive Challenges. International Journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities (IJRSS) ISSN:2582-6220, DOI: 10.47505/IJRSS, 5(2), 9–14.