Legal Protection of Outsourcing Workers in Manokwari District, Indonesia


  • Dodi Nanariain Caritas Papua Manokwari College of Law, Indonesia
  • Roberth Kurniawan Ruslak Hammar Caritas Papua Manokwari College of Law, Indonesia



Outsourced Workers, Protection, Law


 The development of the business world in Indonesia, which is increasingly growing in number and has tight competitiveness, has forced company owners to try to improve the quality of their effective and efficient business performance by employing as many workers/laborers as possible with the minimum number of workers possible in the hope that workers/laborers can provide significant contribution and profit to the company. Outsourcing problems are pretty varied as its use is increasingly widespread in the business world while existing regulations still need to be improved to regulate already underway outsourcing. This research aims to determine the application of working time requirements and rest time, calculate overtime wages for outsourcing workers in Manokwari Regency, and determine legal protection for outsourcing workers in Manokwari Regency. This research uses a qualitative approach with a descriptive data approach. The research location is in Manokwari Regency, Indonesia. Data sources include primary and secondary data. The data collection techniques used were interviews and documentation. The data analysis techniques in this research are presented descriptively, namely by explaining, describing, and illustrating according to the problems related to the research. The research results show that implementing rest time requirements in the workplace is critical in maintaining employee well-being and productivity. This includes establishing a clear policy regarding the duration and schedule of breaks by applicable government regulations and labor laws. Companies must ensure that work and rest schedules comply with established legal standards to avoid potential conflicts and legal sanctions.


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Dodi Nanariain, & Roberth Kurniawan Ruslak Hammar. (2024). Legal Protection of Outsourcing Workers in Manokwari District, Indonesia. International Journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities (IJRSS) ISSN:2582-6220, DOI: 10.47505/IJRSS, 5(3), 61–68.