Construction of an Integrity Zone in Air Squadron 32, Indonesian


  • Chandra Dwi Perkasa University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia
  • Praptining Sukowati University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia
  • Sukardi University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia



Air Squadron, Integrity Zone, Policy Implementation


The process of building an Integrity Zone is a follow-up to the declaration that the leadership of government agencies has carried out. Within the scope of the Indonesian National Army, the Indonesian state army commander as leader issued indonesian state army Commander Regulation Number 65 of 2019 concerning the construction of an Integrity Zone Towards RegionCorruption Free and Clean and Serving Bureaucratic Area within the Indonesian state army. All units must implement this policy under the authority of the Indonesian state army Commander. Air Squadron 32 is the unit that participates in implementing this policy. This research explains and analyzes the policy implementation process of Indonesian state army Commander Regulation Number 65 of 2019 within the 32nd Air Squadron environment, along with the influencing factors and efforts to overcome the obstacles. This research is descriptive qualitative research, carried out in several stages, supported by four main factors: competency and ability of personnel, infrastructure, systems and organizational culture. The research results show that the policy implementation process at Air Squadron 32 refers to high standards of integrity, provides a clear, directed, structured framework, and is a standard that must be adhered to to build an environment free from corruption, collusion and nepotism. By paying comprehensive attention to supporting and inhibiting factors, Air Squadron 32 can overcome obstacles and strengthen supporting factors in implementing the Development of the Integrity Zone, thereby creating a clean, transparent and integrity environment. Efforts to overcome obstacles include carrying out additional training and collaborating with educational institutions to increase personnel resource capabilities, as well as collaborating with several agencies to procure infrastructure that is deemed inadequate.


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Chandra Dwi Perkasa, Praptining Sukowati, & Sukardi. (2024). Construction of an Integrity Zone in Air Squadron 32, Indonesian. International Journal of Research in Social Science and Humanities (IJRSS) ISSN:2582-6220, DOI: 10.47505/IJRSS, 5(7), 13–20.