Social Behavior of Early Marriage

Study on the Phenomenology of Early Marriage in Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency, of Indonesia


  • Epon Umasih University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia
  • Agus Sholahuddin University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia
  • Kridawati Sadhana University of Merdeka Malang, Indonesia



Phenomenology, Early Marriage, Social Behavior


Marriage is an important event for a person's life, therefore before deciding to get married, many things must be considered carefully such as mental readiness, age, economy and so on. Based on the prevailing laws and regulations, namely Law no. 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage, it is stated that the age of marriage actors must have reached the age of 20 years and over for men and for women it is over 16 years. But in reality, there are still many phenomena of marriages carried out by the bride and groom who are still under the age as determined by law. This condition is as happened in Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency. This research aims to: 1) Describe and analyze the background of the occurrence of early marriage behavior in Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency. 2) Describe and analyze the social behavior of early marriage actors in Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency. 3) describe and analyze perceptions of early marriage behavior according to perpetrators and according to marriage guardians in Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency. 4) Describe and analyze whether there has been a shift in the goals of early marriage behavior in Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency according to the Indonesian Islamic Law Compilation (KHI) review. This study uses a qualitative approach based on the phenomenological paradigm. The data sources used are primary and secondary data sources. The data collection process was carried out using observation techniques, in-depth interviews, documentation and literature study. The results showed that: (1) The background of early marriage in Tanjungsiang District, includes various factors, namely: religious factors, social factors, educational factors, economic factors, self-understanding factors, family factors and tradition factors. (2) Early marriage behavior can be carried out in Tanjungsiang District, Subang Regency due to two conditions, namely: First, it does not violate Islamic law and Second, it does not violate the provisions of the marriage law. (3) Perceptions regarding early marriage behavior, include: a) according to the perpetrators of early marriage behavior, there is no difference between early and not early, the only difference is the things behind the hastening of the marriage, b) According to the guardian of marriage, Early marriage behavior is considered as a social demand that includes it (4) The purpose of early marriage behavior today has shifted from its ideal concept. This is because the background factor for the marriage is due to temporary interests, such as getting married to cover the family's disgrace caused by the occurrence of pregnancy outside marriage.


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